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In 2003, an eight-year-old who had never gone to church or read a bible, painted a portrait of Jesus that became world-famous, then suddenly went missing for twenty years. Miraculously recovered and now hanging in a small Texas town, Prince of Peace is still the most recognized portrait of Jesus in the world. Within just a few short months, over 10,000 people from 15 different countries have journeyed to Belóved Gallery in Marble Falls, Texas, to take their moment with the painting.

Founded to amplify the work of extraordinary artists, Belóved Gallery’s mission is for people of all backgrounds to experience faith through art. Our premier exhibition, Akiane: The Early Years, is thoughtfully curated to tell the miraculous story of Akiane and her Prince of Peace painting through art, poetry, and film, providing a space for reflection, response, and connection.

Showcasing 13 of Akiane’s original childhood paintings, Akiane: The Early Years allows in-person viewings of Prince of Peace for the first time since its creation. Among the collection are works such as Dreams and The Missing Years, also re-imagined from Akiane’s visions of heaven, and Turquoise Eyes, Akiane’s eleven-year-old self-portrait. The paintings are accompanied by the artist's poems, descriptions, and deep reflections. Akiane: A Portrait of the Artist, the exhibition’s exclusive short film, follows Akiane’s journey through poverty, childhood fame, and tragic loss to becoming the master artist she is today.

Two masterpieces in the collection, Prince of Peace and Father Forgive Them, are recognized world-wide.
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Belóved Gallery extends an invitation to interview the following team members:
A seed for Belóved Gallery was planted when its co-founders, Lewis and Kirsten, acquired Akiane Kramarik’s world-renown painting, Prince of Peace. Captivated by the supernatural account surrounding its creation and astounded by the hope the painting inspires, they knew Prince of Peace was meant to be shared with the world. They dreamed about creating a space where a million people could have their own experience with the painting, thus amplifying Akiane’s message of unwavering faith, unconditional love and eternal life. They chose Marble Falls, Texas, to give the painting a destination of its own.
Donna Holland Wilcox has over 30 years of experience in business development, marketing, operations, and business management in both the public and private sectors, with an extensive network of business, government, and academic leaders throughout the State of Texas and around the world. Since 2019, Wilcox has served as manager and director of a large family office, including the roles of chief executive officer and executive director of Belóved Gallery, as well as executive director of Beloved in Christ Foundation. She led the formation of Belóved Gallery and Café from the ground up and manages the overall operations of the organization. Wilcox is a sixth generation, native Central Texan who lives on her family ranch with her husband, Brad, and daughter, Christian.
Alaina Sivells has over a decade of experience in marketing, operations, and event management, where she has successfully built lasting customer relationships and transformed brands into communities of people who share similar interests. Alaina serves as Belóved Gallery’s director of marketing where she manages its brand through marketing and communications on all platforms of communications and events. She worked during the startup of Belóved bringing the exhibition to life. Alaina enjoys connecting with visitors who share their experiences with the paintings and building community around Belóved Gallery’s mission for people from around the world to experience faith through art. Alaina serves her community in many ways including as the program director at Camp Agape Grief Recovery Kids’ Summer Camp.
Michelle Nehme is a writer and filmmaker with over twenty years experience in the creative arts. Her work has played internationally on PBS and in film festivals and has included feature documentaries, short films, music videos, and commercials. Michelle is thrilled to be a part of the Belóved Gallery team, where she focuses on content creation for social media, web, and video. Michelle also helps to document the personal stories shared by Belóved Gallery guests, including their experience of the exhibition, Akiane: The Early Years, which has been a deeply meaningful and rewarding part of her work.

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OCTOBER 25-27,2024
Belóved Gallery is delighted to announce its second annual Fall Affair: A Celebration of Faith through Art  October 25 - 27, 2024, with Master Fine Artist Akiane Kramarik in attendance. Join us in Marble Falls, Texas, for a series of special events in support of Belóved Gallery’s mission: for people of all backgrounds to experience faith through art.

We want you there! Guests can enjoy tours of Akiane: The Early Years at Belóved Gallery and a lineup of events at Belóved Café called Symphony of Art! which will feature artist presentations, music, and live painting! Belóved Gallery's second formal fundraising dinner, Belóved Gala, will take place in Horseshoe Bay on the evening of October 26th. Sponsorship opportunities and tickets are available for the event.

Internationally recognized fine artist, poet, best-selling author, philanthropist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, visionary, and art ambassador, Akiane Kramarik is regarded as one of the world’s most accomplished and versatile living artists. A former child prodigy, she is considered by many art experts as the youngest binary genius in both realistic art and poetry. Her portraits of Jesus remain the most recognized face of Jesus across the world today. Kramarik’s creations have been exhibited in art galleries, museums, embassies, and private institutions, as well as collected by world leaders, CEOs, and celebrities. She has traveled to over 33 countries, lived in eight states, seven countries, and on four continents.

John Burke is the New York Times bestselling author of Imagine Heaven and Imagine the God of Heaven along with four other books. For over 35 years, John has researched over 1000 cases of near-death experiences and writes on their correlation to the Bible. As a pastor and international speaker, John has addressed over 100,000 people in 30 countries on topics of leadership, spiritual growth, and the exhilarating life to come. He and his wife, Kathy, founded the multi-site Gateway Church in Austin, Texas which he led for 26 years. He also helped equip hundreds of young leaders across the nation in church planting during that time. Currently, John and Kathy are focusing on their writing outreach ministry as they seek to spread God’s love across the globe.

Dean and Marilyn Braxton have been sharing their testimony of how Dean died for one hour and 45 minutes and was miraculously prayed back to life. During his experience in Heaven, Jesus told him, “No, it is not your time. Go back!”  Marilyn shares how she pressed into God through prayer and what it took on her part to believe in healing Dean off his deathbed. Their testimony has caused many to give their hearts to the Lord and has given many the sense of how much God loves each and every one of us. Dean and Marilyn are licensed ministers with over 20 years of experience in ministry.

James B. Janknegt began exhibiting his work in galleries and museums across the U.S. after receiving his MA and MFA. While in high school, Jim became a Jesus Freak and sang in a folk group. He began painting murals in his teens and has painted several famous murals around Texas. Jim’s paintings often depict parables and stories from the Bible. He is devoted to re-establishing the art of painting that can be called Christian in the great tradition of the Church before reformation and the outburst of iconoclasm changed the world of art forever. Jim does not paint in the style of the great Christian painters of the past, but he attempts to paint in the same spirit. Jim and his family converted to Catholicism in 2005 and live on an ArtFarm in Elgin, Texas.

Dalton Travis Gray’s experience of the Fatherhood of God in his life was made manifest in his childhood through the circumstance of a broken home. As a young man, God began to reveal Himself to Dalton through dreams and visions. Dalton’s passionate pursuit of God resulted in a translation to the Throne of God and Paradise in his early 20's. He successfully pursued a career in the music industry for over a decade in Nashville. Through the trials and experience of life's ambitions, Dalton left his music career and formed Stones of Zion Ministries. Dalton has appeared on Randy Kay and other Christian platforms to share his heavenly translation and teach about deliverance, the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the prophetic message of the hour.

Formerly known as Living Witness, Cody Andrews is a rap artist and poet from the Pacific Northwest. He is part of the duo Cody Andrews and Tony Smiley and is the lead vocalist for the heavy metal outfit Sons of God (or S.O.G.). Cody also recently released his first book of poetry, No Water in the Words of Men.

The son of a producer and pianist, Antoun was given a snare drum at the age of three. By the time he was seven years old, he was playing in his father’s band and never looked back. His roster of credits include the Black Eyed Peas, Seal, Pat Benatar, Paul Oakenfold, and Ed Kowalczyk (formerly of the band LIVE). As a producer and songwriter, Antoun has track credits on hit television shows and movies such as Matchstick Men, Crazy Beautiful, and The OC. Ramy is also a World Vision artist and served as the Creative Arts Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin, Texas. Most recently, he founded A & F Drum Co, a boutique drum company based in Austin, Texas. Ramy’s unique ability to blend different types of art into a powerful immersive performance is the highlight of the Belóved Gala.

Harmony School of Creative Arts is an organization of artists cultivating their God-given talents in dance, music, and art through exceptional education in a loving and nurturing environment. Performances will include "Abide" with Elliana and Jenna Anderson, "I Will Carry You" with Taylor Mason and Macie Porterfield, and "Wonderful, Merciful Savior" with Elliana Anderson, Jeanna Anderson, Sophia Burns, Amy Evans, Taylor Mason, and Macie Porterfield.
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