The place for coffee, community,
and connection.

206 Ave H, Suite 102 Marble Falls, TX
Located one block east of Main Street in Marble Falls

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Belóved Café’s peaceful and welcoming atmosphere encourages connection. It’s a place to enjoy a cup of coffee or meal, enrich relationships, and build community. We invite guests to step into a slower pace of life and seize intentional moments whether on our patio, walking on Main Street, or sharing about an experience following a tour of Belóved Gallery.

Our Coffee

Belóved coffee beans are ethically sourced from across the world and carefully roasted in small batches by a family-owned roasting company in Austin, Texas.


LATTE 3.50  |  4.00

Espresso, steamed milk, and a thin layer of frothed milk

CORTADO 3.50  |  4.00

Equal amounts of espresso and steamed milk with a micro-foam layer of frothed milk

CAPPUCCINO 3.50  |  4.00

Espresso, steamed milk, and a thick layer of milk foam

AMERICANO 3.50  |  4.00

Espresso, hot water, and a thin layer of crema

COLD BREW 3.50  |  4.00

Overnight steeped coffee at a low temperature resulting in a smooth, rich flavor

POUR OVER 3.50  |  4.00

Manually brewed coffee delivering a controlled, clean, and complex flavor

DRIP 3.50  |  4.00

Batch brewed coffee resulting in a consistent, smooth, and mild flavor profile


marvelous joe

Dark roast with notes of chocolate, caramel, and cedar undertones

house espresso

Medium roast with notes of milk chocolate, dried fruits, and caramel

House Decaf

Medium roast with notes of chocolate and toasted nuts

Morning reflection

Medium roast with notes of dark chocolate and toasted nuts

Fresh encouragement

Light roast with notes of ripe fruit, toasted almond, and milk chocolate


We offer an assortment of locally prepared sandwiches, fresh snacks, baked goods, and on-the-go bites.


Specialty gift items are thoughtfully curated for Belóved guests.

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