Akiane: The Early Years


A remarkable collection spotlighting the origin point of master artist Akiane Kramarik’s transcendent journey. The exhibit traces her epoch as an internationally acclaimed fine artist through poverty, childhood fame, tragic loss, and miraculous encounters. By revealing the contrasts of Akiane’s versatile artistic and spiritual trajectory, her message of unwavering faith, unconditional love, and eternal life bursts forth, opening a door of hope for all to enter.


Akiane Kramarik

Internationally recognized fine artist, poet, best-selling author, philanthropist, filmmaker, entrepreneur, visionary, and art ambassador, Akiane Kramarik is regarded as one of the world’s most accomplished and versatile living artists.  A former child prodigy, she is considered by many art experts as the youngest binary genius in both realistic art and poetry.  Her portraits of Jesus remain the most recognized face of Jesus across the world today.  Kramarik’s creations have been exhibited in art galleries, museums, embassies, and private institutions, as well as collected by world leaders, CEO’s and celebrities.  She has traveled to over 33 countries, lived in eight states, seven countries, and on four continents.

Akiane’s practice has diversified across a myriad of genres, styles, and mediums – ranging from hyperreal large-scale acrylic or oil compositions to more fluid, almost abstract works that include glass and gold.  Drawing inspiration from her travels, meditations, dreams, visions, and serendipitous encounters, her mission is to make the invisible accessible through poetic visual language.  She spreads messages of peace and hope through creating art that has an authentic healing energy.  Akiane imbues her works with intricate and multifaceted symbolism. Landscapes, portraits, and stories are transcendent metaphors purposefully left unrestricted by any space or time. 

Akiane considers herself an explorer and a steadfast interpreter of diverse epochs, cultures, faiths, and worlds.  It is common to find a number of her originals displaying superimposed messages, hidden stories, encrypted codes, and quantum holograms especially in soulscapes - mystic landscapes of the soul and visionary interpretations of the soul’s journey through life.

Above all, the artist attributes her talent and success to her solid family support, home education, diligent work ethics, perseverance, and unique cultural and spiritual influences.

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